Improve Your Vertical Jump – With These 3 Training Drills

Do you love basketball? Do you want to improve your game? There are certain basketball training drills you can use to improve your vertical leap. Before you start doing drills you must warm up first to avoid any injuries that may occur. A good basketball player must have quick movements and strength. He must build his strength with proper training including exercises that are flexible.
Having good vertical jump ability helps the player not only with his shot, rebounds and shot blocking skills but the player will have an obvious advantage over the competition. Now I want to share with you basketball training drills that I know will help you to improve your vertical jump abilities. But how can you improve your vertical leap? You will perform certain training drills.

This is a very good exercise because it builds your core leg muscles and makes them stronger. In first position you stand straight up and step with your right foot as far as possible. Both feet toes they need to be pointed forward then slightly you bend your right knee then hold for 15 seconds when you are done you go into standing position switch your leg and repeat.

Hill Sprints
Before you do this exercise warm up first this exercise is of high intensity. Basically what you need to do is find a steep hill about 100 meters long for this workout then you sprint as fast as you possible can up the hill and jogging down the hill then rest for 2 to 3 minutes. Try to lean forward while doing this workout and use your legs to push the ground behind you.

Jump Rope
Why should you jump rope? There are many reason why you should do it. You will be able to run and jump better you will strengthen your heart and lungs and it helps to lose weight and it always makes you feel good about yourself. For this exercise you only need a comfortable rope.
Beginners should only do this for one minute and 30 seconds to begin with more advance people can do this for 10-30 minutes. This is an easy exercise you can do while watching the television. Start by jumping rope on both feet and after a while you can change your feet this exercise is not about speed. This training can make a lot of difference in your vertical jumping training.