Creative and Delicious Methods for Preparing Seafood

Sometimes, all that is needed to truly change things up in the kitchen is a new game plan as far as ingredients and recipes are concerned. For those who aren’t particularly adept with dinner but who want to make a change, adding seafood and nixing nastier and fattier red meat sources is a great way to get a fantastic taste and to also make things healthier for the whole family. From recipes for Alaska halibut to learning how to turn fish into burgers, here are some of the best creative methods for preparing seafood that is delicious, healthy, and environmentally-friendly, too.
Salmon burgers! Sure, it might sound crazy to think of a fish burger, but the fact is that canned salmon makes some of the heartiest patties out there. Simply flake it out into a bowl, adding salt and pepper to taste, and then a couple of eggs and some breadcrumbs. Pack the mixture together into patties, and then fry them up in the same manner that a typical burger would be prepared. Whip together some dill and yogurt, then squeeze lemon, and you have a healthy burger alternative.

Go with the best white fish! With so many different recipes for Alaska Halibut, this fish is one that shouldn’t be left off any table. Whether it’s adding chunks to a stew to beef things up, whipping up some fish sticks at home, or simply throwing a piece of quality fish on the grill, there are plenty of different methods associated with this versatile and healthy fish.

Try some at-home sushi. Sure, there are plenty of expensive versions of sushi meat out there, but at the same time, the more affordable options coming from Alaska’s icy waters means that anyone can try to roll up some rice and seafood tonight. Even the most remote towns in the country these days have grocery stores with sushi ingredients, so don’t delay in trying to bring a bit of flair to the dining table.

A whole new pasta. Throwing meatballs on top of pasta is second nature for many who enjoy carby goodness, but the fact is that fish can be just as great. Whether it’s salmon or tuna, mixed with some olives and a bit of great goat cheese, it makes a delicious alternative to the typical spaghetti-based dishes that a household might be used to.